Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

When I study for a test, I look through my notes. As for my notes, I would not write in complete sentences, since when I study it, it will take too long. When I study my notes, I take breaks in between because I do not want to strain myself. Not only do I look through my notes, but if I do not understand something from my notes, I will look it up on websites for help. The websites I look through end with .gov and .edu because they are a nonprofit organization which means it is more reliable. For tests like SAT and ACT, I buy practice books online and work on them. Because those tests are time, I always time myself, so I know if I am too slow on the sections when I take the actual test. After I have completed the test, I will check how many questions I got wrong. In addition, for the questions I got wrong, I will check the explanations for it from the book. This works for me because I will understand how to do that question next time. Sometimes, I look up on how to do those questions on YouTube, as they may have tricks on how to do them quicker. I study at least three times a week whether its for a quiz, a subject exam for school, or exams like SAT and ACT.

YuMing from Arizona
College Freshman
University of Arizona