Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Some preparation practices that have helped me through college and maintaining a GPA above a 3.75 is:
-going through the power points from class and writing down any questions that pop up in your head on a notecard. While writing questions down, look at the main objectives and make those your main focus when writing your notes.
-in classes with diagrams such as anatomy, I have printed off the unlabeled sheets and places them in clear notebook dividers and write on them with dry erase marker. I am able to erase and try again.
-when preparing for the big day, I review all my notes and look back at the objectives and see if I can answer all of them. If I get a question wrong or am not sure what the answer is, I look back through my notes and start over.
Repetition is key!

Tara from Minnesota
College Sophomore
Concordia University - Saint Paul