Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Being told you are a gifted student in my elementary school years might have been one of the most detrimental things to my educational success. When I entered high school, I realized I could not pass my classes with what little studying I did. Teachers help you a little bit with study guides and games to help your memory, but I had to figure out a solution. I have never used Mometrix test preparation, but I have other methods. Quizlet has been a lifesaver in studying vocabulary, but there are some subjects that can not be studied with flash cards. I rewrite my notes and search for test preparations online. I am very good at memorizing and visual learning, but some hands-on work is beneficial. My grades have risen from my freshman year of high school and are continuing to get better with some of my preparations.

Noelle from Tennessee
High School Senior
Collierville High School