Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

No need to fill some space, I will get right into it! I have found that the way I prepare for a test depends on the type of test I am taking. For a straight-forward, problem-and-answer test the key is DRILLING. Rework problems until you understand them and then keep doing it! This process allows me to feel comfortable with the material. For tests with paragraph responses, it is a bit trickier but professors and teacher assistants exist for a reason, they can help! I use the study guides they provide and I go to the review times they schedule. Besides material directly from the teacher, there are legitimate sites that provide study guides, sample questions, or visuals aids to explain a topic that I dive into. Lastly, I always try to study with another person, the buddy system was invented for test preparation. These practices help me immerse myself in the topic I am being tested on and are meant for the weeks leading up to the test. On test day itself, I prepare mentally by having confidence. Strike a confident pose and hold it for a few breaths. It sounds silly but it helps I swear! The last thing one needs before a test is to chuck all that studying away and allow nerves to take its place. These practices are not unique to just me. Many have used them and will continue to use them because they work!

Kelsey from Utah
College Sophomore
Brigham Young University