Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

When preparing for an exam, I first review all the material for the exam and highlight the areas where I am most lacking. I do this through completing provided study material from the course. I thin go back and further review topics I am most confused about. I will watch videos explaining the topic, attempt practice problems, and further outline the topic. Lastly I will create a colorful concept map of the topics for the exam. As a Neuroscience major, this often includes writing out and organizing formulas, drawing metabolic pathways, and diagramming the way things appear in the body. When I am done with this I often read my notes outloud to myself or a friend this helps me to better recall the topic. This usually works for me, however it can e an extremely time consuming process. In order to effectively study and prepare for an exam, the studying process often needs to begin when I am still learning the material for the exam. Right before an exam I often get together with people in the class to again review the material. This is the most helpful part of the process because we are able to help each other understand. The last thing I do is listen to some calming and uplifting music before I take the exam, this helps me to minimize my stress and turn my focus from the rest of the day to the task at hand. Preparing for an exam is not just studying, It is learning and retaining the information in order to better my own education.

Kayla from Arizona
College Junior
University of Arizona