Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

When preparing for a test, one of the ways I prefer to study is by making my own flashcards.This system works best for me because it forces me to extract the information from the study material to write on the card. Since I am culling out valuable information to put on the flashcards, I am studying the material at the same time. This method is more helpful than having someone call out information because I can do it independently. Flashcards worked so well for me that I used over 200 of them when memorzing my lines for the lead role of a play I performed in. I had with my lines written on them. I was able to memorize all the lines for my part in less than two weeks!

Paying attention and taking good clear notes in class is the best way to prepare for a test. I find that rewriting my notes is another method I use to study for tests. I will often reproduce my in-class notes into a more condensed form, which helps me by repeating the material, and putting it in my own words.By rewriting my notes, I get a neater, more compact version of my classnotes.

Another preparation tool for testing is to put memorization tasks to song. I was able to ace my math test because I recalled the first fifty prime numbers while humming, “Hey There, Deliliah.” Putting the words (or numbers) to a familiar melody helps my brain remember these types of tasks. I memorized all of the common prepositions just by silently humming, “Row, Row, Row Your Boat.” “Are You Sleeping,” helped me master memorizing the quadratic formula as well as China’s major dynasties!

An additional way for me to study is to rely on funny stories or images to help me remember certain facts.“I ate and ate til I fell on the floor,” was a simple little rhyme to help me remember that eight times eight is sixty four. “Thirty days have September…” is another clever verse I use to help me remember how many days are in each month. This method is helpful because it forces you to look at the information in a memorable way.

Sarah from Georgia
High School Senior
Parkview High School