Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Test day can be nerve racking and often comes with anxiety. Many of us find ourselves getting little sleep the night before a big test, contrary to what we were told was best for our mental health. It's not always easy to follow seemingly simple guidelines and eating can be the same way. If you are like me I find that I study a lot better when I'm stuffing my face with my favorite snacks. While I do think eating healthy and getting plenty of rest are important to how you perform on test day, I have found that there are a few test preparation practices that have worked especially well for me. The first is to find interest in what you are going to be testing on, stop thinking about the actual test while studying and taking notes. I have discovered, after many unsuccessful testing attempts followed by many much more successful attempts, that if I am interested in the material I study that I don't just remember concepts and terms, but instead find myself fully understanding the material and completely confident when I begin the test and even recognize question I would have otherwise been unfamiliar with. Second, don't anticipate what questions will be on the test. Doing so is a sure way to set yourself up for failure and frustration and there isn't much worse you can do for yourself than to become frustrated right as you begin a test because you weren't expecting questions like the ones you are being presented with. Yes, there are study guides that many teachers give that will assist in helping you know what to study and it is always a great idea to read those before you begin studying for your test, but prepare yourself mentally to see more than what is on the study guide. Last, look over your notes at things that you didn't understand during your studies to quickly memorize as much as you can before beginning the test then write the information down on scratch paper or a whiteboard, if allowed, as soon as the test begins. With these tips you'll be sure to pass!

Dawnette from Utah
College Junior
Western Governors University