Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Tests are always the most important and stressful things to prepare for school. Especially since unlike Middle school, test grades are indeed weighted. Throughout my high school career I followed a series of steps for preparation for my tests. The first step would be knowing when the test is. Knowing this allows me to fully map out how many days I can allocate to studying. Many times quizzes and homework assignments from other classes can overlap, so creating an agenda on when to study is important for time management. My second step is to fully analyze what I really need to study. That means finding out where I have struggled and where I have succeeded in the unit I'm getting tested on. This way I don't overwhelm myself in studying a month or more of material, and I work smarter not harder by allocating studying time to what I need to review. That brings me to my third step, which is finding resources to use for review. Many times teachers have given me study guides, however most of these study guides don't always encompass what I need to truly work on to get the best grade possible. So I first work on and study the resources given to me like study guides, and I then go look for my past quizzes in which I struggled or didn't achieve my ideal grade. When that's not enough I go to the textbook and re-read where I struggle. My fourth step is to finally go to the teacher for help, because then with all prior steps I now would be able to ask them a specific question about where I might be confused or be struggling. By bringing specific and prepared questions, I can get clear explanations and tailored answers to me. This has proven very helpful to me rather than asking a broad question about a subject I don't know, since I can work on fixing smaller things rather than a whole thing. There's a lot one can understand on their own. My final step of preparing for a step is being composed and relax, in order to fully concentrate on getting the best grade possible.

Marco from Georgia
High School Senior
Alpharetta High School