Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

When I am informed that I have a test coming up later on in the week, I pay close attention in class and take as many notes as I can possibly take in class. Asking questions in class help me understand something that I do not understand. After taking all of the information that I know, to study at night throughout the week, I re-read over the notes that I had taken in class but while doing this I do record myself to listen to the notes at night so that the information is in my head while sleeping. While I am up studying I do like to take Quizlet flashcard test and a multiple-choice test. I do believe the multiple-choice test is the best way to study because you have all these other answers in your face and I like to look at them as a distraction and there are always going to be some type of distractions while you are taking a test or taking a quiz. The other choices under the question may have you thinking that the wrong answer is the correct question. Taking breaks while studying is a good way to keep your minding from overworking, and making you forget and doublethink everything that you just studied prior. When I was in 6th grade my teacher taught me a trick that I have kept using throughout the years it was chew gum while studying, the chewing gum process keeps oxygen flowing throughout your body and into your brain and as she stated: "keeps the information fresh in your head so you can never forget." I have used all of these tricks since I was in middle school up into I was a senior in high school and although sometimes I do struggle while testing I think I do, do better than if I didn't use any of my tricks for testing. It was not hard for me to remember any of these tactics because I use them in everyday life, even if I just have to remember what someone told to recite back to them I take my time listening to it and I process the information so that I will not forget, I have been told by people in my family that they use my tactics to pass life changing test

Khadijah-blu from Massachusetts
High School Senior
Southeastern Regional Vocational Techincal HIgh School