Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

As I stared down at the paper that had fallen onto my desk, I was in shock. My academic career until my freshman year had involved going to school and paying attention in class, and aceing the tests afterward. Never before had I been confused on a test and had the grade that reflected that. My math grade began to slip and my motivation followed in suit. I realized that trying to grasp the concepts in class was no longer suffient; I would have to work for an A' on my own time. I tried studying with others to study but it became a time of festivities. The allure of being social was too much. I had to turn to more disiplinary measures. Asking the teacher for assistance, taking notes, not procrastinating, and studying for hours are all tools I use to maintain my high GPA. These practices do not work however if I do not have the right mindset. Isolation to achieve my goal has turned out to be the best possible way to study. Writing notes over the course of the chapter and shutting myself away from the world where I must focus on the test material is a sure-fire way to remember what I need to know.

Jade from California
High School Senior
Hayfork High School