Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

When it comes to studying for a test, I tend to get anxious and try to avoid studying. Attending college has taught me that avoiding is not an option. This led me to trying multiple different strategies when it came to test time. I would do flash cards, I would read intro and summary paragraphs in my text books, re-read my notes, go through power points, talking over content with friends, and write/re-write it all down. I quickly realized how I enjoyed studying and how I didn't. I always enjoy working with a friend or a few, because if I became stuck, I could ask them or talk through the content with them as well. But my all time favorite studying technique, I found out, was writing or re-writing the content down. Weather I was pulling it from my notes or book, whatever I deemed important I would write down. I usually looked for a whiteboard to do this on, either in a lecture hall, or the library. I would fill the white board with content. This also helped boost my confidence. I would look at a full whiteboard and think "wow, that is a lot of information that I know". Outside of writing it down, I really enjoy flashcards. Being able to just quickly ramble off definitions of vocabulary terms was something I watched on screens growing up. Now that I was able to do the same, almost provided me with comfort because it felt typical. Finding my studying techniques helped turn dreaded exam weeks, and late nights into productive studying times. I found my habits and rolled with them. To this day, I am still studying in that fashion. I graduate in April but have many tests and exams that stand between me and that degree. I will continue to use resources to help me, but add my own preparation practices as I study my way to the end!

Collin from Michigan
College Junior
Grand Valley State University