Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Last year was the first time I was really nervous about a test. I’d always been good at test-taking when I was younger as long as I knew the material. But now I’m striving for A’s every semester, and just passing wasn’t good enough. I needed a 90 or higher.
The class was Texas Government, and my professor was very adamant about how much we needed to study and how difficult the test would be. It made me doubt myself, and I couldn’t fail the first test of the semester. I knew I had to do something different.
I Googled, I Pinterest, I asked friends. “How do you study”, “Best ways to study”, “How to make an A”. I wondered, are there better ways to make sure that I can fully understand the material? What I found has changed my world for the better.
Flashcards. It’s nothing fancy, and in fact, it’s not very revolutionary at all. But how did I not know sooner how helpful they could be? I write on the front whatever the key knowledge I need to remember is, and on the back the description. And maybe a mnemonic device. Those are also very helpful. If I can create a catchy little phrase that helps me retrieve the information I have stored somewhere in my memory, then I am sure to remember the term.
You have to be careful though, sometimes they can trick you into thinking that you know your stuff. You read the front. You got this; you know it. You flip it over and the answer is what you thought it was…or was it? Did you actually remember, or did you read the answer too quickly and thought you knew it? I just make sure that I don’t flip the card over to read the answer until I have a clear understanding of what the term is, and I can speak out loud what the answer is.
Since then I have passed every test using flashcards. When a friend is worried about an upcoming test my first question is “did you make flashcards?”. I know that I will always continue to use them throughout my college career because they’ve made such an impact on how I study

COURTNEY from Texas
College Sophomore
South Plains College