Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Test preparation varies depending on the course itself. Every course is different from another therefore, every course requires a different type of test preparation. If it is a science course, I find it to be beneficial to rewrite my notes repeatedly and to take several practice exams. Science courses require a great amount of practice in order to fully comprehend the subject matter. Furthermore, as a student I must accommodate my test preparation to each and individual course based off of the style of the exam as well. There are multiple types of exams, such as multiple choice, free response, comprehensive questions, and many others. For any course or test type however, I have found that it is most effective to spread out my test preparation over the span of one to two weeks prior to taking the exam. Studying in increments over time rather than cramming for multiple hours the night before an exam has been found to be far more effective because the brain can retain more material.

Elizabeth from Arizona
High School Senior
Gila Ridge High School