Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Although exams are not always a favorite amongst many students, I have personally found that they are not nearly as daunting when the correct amount of preparation is taken. That being said, I personally like to prepare for exams by incorporating a mixed variety of preparation techniques. These techniques include creating my own mock exam with a list of questions that may appear on the exam, using visuals and diagrams while studying, teaching the material to someone else in an understandable way, and taking plenty of notes prior to exam time. Each of these strategies for exam preparation allow me to test my knowledge in several ways by not only being able to recite the information but also think critically about it as well. When I create my own mock exam, I am able to review all of the information and make sure there are no surprises on the real exam. Additionally, while I’m creating this “mock” exam, I can refer to visuals and my notes and fill in any information that may be missing. Another one of my favorite techniques for exam preparation is teaching the material to someone else. When I teach the material to someone else, I am required to relay the information in a new way and genuinely reflect on the information I have learned. Following these exam preparation techniques ensures that I not only know the information from memorization but understand the information in a way that allows me to tackle any possible exam question. Therefore, exams are not nearly as daunting and can actually end up being fun!

Weston from Colorado
College Freshman
University of Colorado Denver