Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

I am currently a senior in High School and throughout my experiences I have learned techniques that work best when preparing for a test. I’ve had many teachers tell me two or three days before the test day which would lead me in an anxious mood because I had no idea where and how to start studying. Consequently I would cram all my studying in a matter of a few days which caused me unsureness as I took my tests. As time passed by, I realized how un-efficient this was and I was tired of cramming my studying so I began to create study guides and flashcards every time we started a new unit. To do this I first had to make sure I kept a separate notebook for each class in order to take well thought out notes. I would take notes every time we learned something new and when I got home I created Quizlet flashcards. Once I created the Quizlet flashcards I would place the link in a Google Doc to keep myself organized. I created Docs for every class and would organize it with every unit. This helped me a lot because when the test day came I did not have to spend extra time creating flashcards, I was able to study right away. This method is also very efficient for me because I was able to study anywhere due to having both Google Doc and Quizlet on my phone. Lastly, a few days before the test I go in and ask my teachers for any extra study guides so I can feel confident when taking the test. This has helped me immensely because it allows me to stay organized and retain the information easier for much longer.

Valeria from Illinois
High School Senior
West Chicago Community High School