Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

As a society, we have trained ourselves to become very visual learners. Most people learn best by charts and graphs or even pictures, but those never stuck with me. When I reached high school and was forced to develop my own study tools, I tried everything. I drew pictures, I watched YouTube videos, I even made flashcards. After my grades did not improve I recognized that a new methodology was needed to approach studying, so I decided to go back to the basics and practice repetition and comprehension. For me, this includes repeating a topic in a multitude of ways to not only have the topic memorized but comprehended. This method allows me to gauge multiple ways of thinking and approach each question uniquely while keeping the topic in mind. To be perfected, the repetition should be repeated when new topics are added on. For example, in a higher-level math class such as Calculus, the topics tend to build on each other rather than stand alone so it’s best to use the repetition and comprehension approach after each new topic by choosing problems that include several topics. This works for me so well because it offers a level of comfortability and familiarity in its approach, yet is still innovative when it comes to comprehending the information I learn. From a very young age, we are taught to memorize, and my method of repetition and comprehension just builds on what we already have been taught to do, so it is an easier study method to practice.

Gabriel from Illinois
High School Senior
Whitney M. Young Magnet High School