Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

When taking notes, they are messy since I am adding a lot of information quickly. To prepare for tests, I rewrite these notes clearly and with color coding so I can retain the information better. Rewriting the material helps with memory for me. Then I take any terms that I need to know the definitions of and write the terms out. I then try to define the terms without looking at my notes. The terms i struggle with, I make into flashcards and study those flashcards until I can't get them wrong. I also will use Quizlet to make study sets and take practice tests the night before a test. This helps me see what gaps I need to fill in for the test. Whatever information I struggle with, I will make flashcards for again. If it is something like putting events in order, I will make cards with the events listed and the number they are in the order on the back. I will put the cards in order as I see fit then flip them over to see if they are in order. I repeat that until I get it right 5 times in a row. I also find studying with a friend helpful. We can meet up and quiz each other or go over review problems or worksheets. Usually one of us is stronger in an area where the other one is weaker, so we can help explain the areas we are strong in to the other one. This also helps us prepare for the test, because explaining something clearly helps with retention. If it is a subject like math, I take any review problems we have available and do them initially with the help of my notes. Then, once I do that, I check my answers. Anything I get wrong, I return to that section of notes and reread them and do any corresponding example problems. Once I feel confident, I redo the study guide on my own, without the help of notes. I check my work, and redo the ones I got wrong until I get them right a few times. For any formulas I need to remember, I try to write them from memory and check my work. I repeat that until I get them all right without struggling. The key for me is repeating it all.

Grace from California
High School Senior
Templeton High School