Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Being a Kinetic learner, it has always helped me to be immersed in the information that will be on a test. The first initial phase of my process is to collect my notes and organize them in the order of which information is the most retain-able then shift focus to the less retain-able information on the subject and repeat that audibly to myself. The second phase consist of gathering physical representation of the subject such as pictures or video essays. Then, with my notes, I combine the two to receive a better understanding of the material. The last phase of preparation is the most basic but intrusive as it is just continual internal repetition of information as I either re watch relevant media or internally repeat phrases, text, or definitions while looking at the subject's corresponding physical representation. A real world example of this is how I currently prepare for my exams now is for my Geology class. I followed these 3 steps to best retain the most exam relevant information. I started by collecting all physical notes I had along with highlighted text from my textbook and continually reread what concepts are most difficult to me. Once I've isolated these concepts I then look for related media posted by the professor, a multi subject recap or a specialized digital lecture on a part of the subject matter. Knowing what information I have issue with by reading, I seek this same information in the presented digital media as to cross reference the available facts on the subject matter until I feel more comfortable with both. Once I feel like I've reached a plateau, I begin internally repeating the written material while simultaneously watching the physical media. This cements definitions and concepts while receiving visual stimuli making me feel the most prepared before a exam. This process works for me and I believe it would help others since it stimulates multiple senses while alleviating just staring at repetitive text.

Eduardo from Texas
College Sophomore
Lone Star College