Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Throughout my years in education, I have found that no matter how others study or how a teacher may tell you what is going to work best for their class, that to get results one must find their own “formula.” From kindergarten to eighth grade I was in the public-school system with large class sizes where everyone was left to find their own way to make the grade they wanted. I quickly became frustrated with myself and the grades that I was making. Half way through my eighth-grade year my parents decided to send me to a small private school where the teachers were more easily accessible and the class sizes were smaller. Still, I struggled with what worked for me. Eventually, I realized time management was my best friend and if I started studying early, I could retain little pieces of information each day and by the time the test came, I was ready! Each day I would learn ten flashcards and then add in the ones I learned the day before to review. Although, my studying problems did not come to a halt here. I had become dependent on memorization and was still not doing well in classes like history where I had to learn a large concept, not just memorize terms. I hated sitting down and reading passages or stories from a hundred years ago out of textbooks. When it came to memorizing, I had a plan, history although, seemed like there was no plan, and I had no idea when it would click. Soon, my mom and I came up with a plan for my unease to study a storyline. My mom had me put myself in that time period. I am a movie fanatic, so we would have movie nights where we would watch movies on what I was learning, eat food from that country or time period, and through the day she would ask me questions from what I was learning in class. I was able to view concept from more than a textbook and it made me more eager to retain the information. From breaking up my information and studying sections a day, to movie night with Nelson Mandela, I found the study habits that suited me the best.

Nancy from Georgia
High School Senior
Mt. Bethel Christian Academy