Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

I rarely studied in high school because I could test well, however, when I started college, professors expected me to know the content fully. My habits needed to change because knowledge could change my course in life. Through my experience, I learned that studying through a balance of routine and a variety of strategies works best.
The first thing I implemented was a schedule because habits would help me make time for studying and retain more. I chose classes in the morning which helped me start my day at the university. I took detailed notes in class to hear information correctly the first time, and after my lectures were finished, I studied. I explored campus looking for new places to spend my time whether it was in a courtyard or at a random hallway. Changing places added a factor of newness that refreshed me. I then blocked out my studying into times for each subject. Taking a scheduled break after a couple hours gave me something to look forward to and work towards. Routine enabled me to get my studying done in a specific time while allowing for time with friends later. Overall it brought balance and reduced stress.
Another key to my studying was having a variety of ways to study and review content. I found that if I was doing the same thing for hours and days on end, I became disinterested. So, I included several strategies such as typing my handwritten notes the day after each class, meeting with TA’s, making and reviewing flashcards, writing quiz questions, and doing assignments. Not only did this increase my attention span, but it allowed me to create multiple connections of the material in my mind. I was better prepared to write essays and take tests because I had reviewed the content in many scenarios allowing for better retention.
These well-rounded study approaches helped improve my grades which I am proud of. However, I am most proud of the knowledge I have gained because it will be a catalyst for growth is the heart of education.

Emily from Utah
College Junior
Brigham Young University