Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Having just finished my first year of college in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, switching from involved to remote learning, I have truly realized the importance of positive test preparation practice. As a chemistry major at Michigan State University, my courses are quite detailed and complicated, which would have the possibility of becoming confusing for me if I hadn't prepared properly. If my test preparation style had a superhero name, it would be called The Highlighter; I tend to dry out at least a couple of highlighters each year. For me, this practice goes hand in hand with repetition as well. When I am studying, I first use any practice exams that are provided by my teachers, and then try to find any old exams from past years of the course. I go through each and every question, first trying them on my own, then look at any answer keys given or do some serious Googling. As I'm doing this, I write down the answer that I got first, then write the correct answer beneath any that I might have written an incorrect response to. This is where the highlighting comes in—I highlight the correct answer to keep track of the questions that I got wrong. When I am finished going through the exams, I use the questions that I got wrong to go back through any notes from the class, and transfer the information that I couldn't quite remember onto index cards. This is where the repetition comes in—I made up my own system to go over the flash cards. On one side I write the information, and on the other side I write the question that pertains to that answer from the practice exam, or come up with my own question. As I'm going through the questions, I draw a star on the card every time I get it right, and cross one out each time I get it wrong. In order to take a card out of the deck, I have to get three stars in a row. This gives me a goal to reach as I'm studying, and it evens turns it into a kind of game. It keeps me focused, and even entertained. Studying shouldn't be boring!

Beth from Michigan
College Sophomore
Michigan State University