Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Well, this semester has been challenging for me because of my weakness I have its called responsibilities. Perhaps exams are the reflection of who you are? This school year gap taught me to grate lessons; I never realized that been responsible contains time, effort, and focus.
I believed that if you're doing an assignment you must pay attention to what you are doing because the surrounding will be tried to lose your total focus of what I’m doing. Picking a quiet room without any noise will help you finish that assignment. I’ve never realized that the place where you are working matter the most.
Leaving an assignment at the last moment to finished it was a terrible idea; this is known as procrastination giving an impact to late homework. I learn from my mistakes that using your time wisely could lead you to be a responsible man.
I also believed that giving your full potential it’s also one of the main factors that a college student must have because this semester taught me that even if it’s the last day of the school year you must put effort.
This responsivities as a student made me change the way I think and the way I do my work. Therefore I learn that an assuagement contains responsivities’ and it will reflect the person you truly are.

Fritz from Oklahoma
College Freshman
Rose State College