Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Although group study sessions are beneficial for studying, my favorite test preparation practices are rewriting notes/reworking problems and using study outlet websites such as YouTube and Quizlet over the material that I need assistance with. These practices work well for me because they give me the time to annotate notes and decide if I really understand the material enough to explain it to someone else.
Rewriting notes and reworking problems are my top preparation practices. Repetition is a good skill to keep information embedded in your head. This strategy can also help you understand your notes better if you did not get the full opportunity to do so in class. For Biology, it is good to rewrite your notes and draw a diagram that portrays what you wrote. For example, if you are writing notes about the functions of the organs in the digestion system, draw a diagram with labels as well. Reworking problems is more ideal for Mathematics. After you have mastered the problems that teachers have given you in the classroom, try to switch up the problems using different numbers.
Study outlet websites such as YouTube and Quizlet are also beneficial for test preparation. Even though YouTube is not a technical study website, there are an abundant amount of people posting videos over a wide range of content. All you need to do is type in what you need in the search bar and loads of videos will appear with different people giving different approaches to it. Quizlet is a study site that gives you several ways to go about learning. Some options include flashcards, writing, spelling, and even taking a test at the end to ensure that you understand.
A lesser effective preparation method for me is group study sessions, however they can help others. This method involves getting with a group of people and going through the material and notes together. Each person can master a certain portion of the material and teach it to the rest of the group while they take notes.

JaBria from Georgia
High School Senior
Central High School