Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Preparing for a test can be difficult, especially if you do not know what preparation practice technique works best for you. An important tip is to utilize the resources you have. For example, read the textbook AND engage in the lectures. Most students choose to do one or the other. Either they ignore the textbook and listen to the lecture, or they do not pay attention in the lecture and read the textbook inside. For me, it is helpful to be an active reader and listener. When I read the textbook, I highlight/underline the key points and jot down important definitions. This makes it easier for me to study my textbook. Also, when it comes to listening to the lecture, do not let your mind wander, fall asleep, or get distracted on your laptop or smartphone. Instead, have a notebook and writing utensil ready to write down the important stuff. Pay attention to what the professor is stressing. Sometimes he will even let you know what you can expect to see on the test. Also, write down what you see on the power point. If the teacher is moving quickly and I can't keep up, I practice shorthand and summarize it as best as possible. If I still can't keep up, I will look to see if the professor posted the slides on my internet class site. I will then write down what I missed.
When it comes time to take a test, it is best to start studying several days in advance. For me, cramming the night before is not a good way to prepare. Our brains have a short attention span, and they can easily become tired. So, several days before the test, I will review the chapters I have read as well as my lecture notes. Another thing I find helpful is making flashcards. This method allows me to look at a key word and test whether I know it or not. If I don't, the definition is right there in the back. Also, if the professor provides practice tests, I make sure to take advantage of this resource. If he doesn't, I also find it helpful to make my own. I learn through repetitive and visual quizzing.

Dahlia from Kansas
College Junior
Bob Jones University