Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

I believe I have a great test preparation and the results show! The strategies I most commonly use are flashcards, practice tests and note taking. These strategies have proven themselves to be effective when it comes down to exams and retention of material. My first (and probably my most favorite) strategy is using flashcards. Quizlet is my main tool for being successful during my study sessions. It really helps when I use the audio feature on my virtual flashcards while I'm running errands or doing house chores. Being able to hear my flashcards while simultaneously repeating the question and answer locks down in the information in my brain. Listening and repeating helps me retain the information. Another part of my test preparation is actually creating a test/quiz or taking practice tests/quizzes. This method allows me to see what parts of the lecture I'm not fully understanding and refer back to my notes for clarification. I've adopted this strategy a bit late into the semester but it's improved my understanding of the lecture material so much better! Additionally I keep very detailed and organized notes, not having a type of organizational system for your notes keeps a cluttered brain in my opinion. Your notes should be able to show you the answers to your question in a clear and concise manner. I also like the use of colors for my notes. This idea may be controversial and color can distract from your notes however it helps me "see" the word/phrase in my head when I'm taking an exam. I think it's important to have a good balance of color in your notes. These three strategies boost my exam scores and maintains my understanding of the class that is important towards my career.

Diana from Arizona
College Sophomore
University of Arizona