Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Getting into the habit of studying could be difficult for some people. I am part of those people. During my high school years, we had a final test but it was just the last unit covered, entering college, having finals was no joke. If I sit down to study, I’ll probably fall asleep. If I have the television on, I will get distracted. A wall, duct tape, sticky notes, and note cards should do the trick.
In my room, I had an empty wall that was not being used for anything. Taking it back to my elementary school years I divided the wall into thee columns, What I know, what I learned, and what I need to work on. All the main words were written down on sticky notes with a black pen and the definition in pencil on a notecard.
The first step to studying is taping all the notecards and sticky notes under what I need to know column all scattered around. It will be a matching game, match the words with their correct definitions. If I know they are matched correctly then they get placed under what I know column. If I think they are correct but will need to double-check they are placed under what I learned and if I have no idea they stay under what I need to work on. When they are left in what I need to work on I usually go back to the chapter and reread it to grasp a better understanding. I do this over and over again until all of the cards are matched correctly and under what I know.
I typically do this for every chapter, but when I feel comfortable I mix in all chapters (especially if it is the final) to see what I truly know and what I need o work on. This keeps me on my feet and I don’t get tired or bored.

Karla from Colorado
College Junior
University of Colorado Denver