Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

The night before a big test may be a big night full of studying for some people, but not for me. As a student, I push myself to study the material I am given over long periods of time so that I do not find myself overwhelmed the day before a test because I am already familiar with the material. The night after a big lesson in any class, when I sit down to do my homework, I make flashcards with the terms and other things I should commit to memory. As for the rest of the information, I rewrite my notes in order to reinforce the concepts in my brain, and then I record myself teaching the notes. The following evening, I repeat the same steps for creating study material from that day's lessons, but I also watch the video I recorded of myself teaching the notes. This is a very effective way to stay sharp on all the concepts I am taught, and prevent any studying overload the evening before a test.

Kristyn from Illinois
High School Senior
Collinsville High School