Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

My favorite way to prepare for a test, at least after having learned the basic material, is to practice taking the actual test. The big test I’ve been preparing for recently is the SAT, and I’ve best been able to practice taking the test on the Khan Academy website. It can be frustrating to take Khan Academy’s timed mini SAT quizzes when I don’t understand the problems, but it is very helpful for developing test time management once I do grasp the concepts well.
Important as time management is, however, this sort of practice isn’t very useful when I don’t understand the concepts. In that case, my favorite kind of test prep (more along the lines of my favorite way to learn) is to sit down and watch someone do it while I work along (with something like math) or to read about the concept, and then try to summarize it. I find this kind of active learning helpful in general, not just with taking tests, because I end up with a more solid understanding of the material.
Then, before the test, I can review the summarized notes I took, or look over the problems I worked. When I’m reviewing something I’ve written, it triggers memories of concepts that might be important on the exam. Then, once everything is learned, it's time for the time management practice that is so important for timed tests. These methods of test prep have helped me score quite well on big exams, and I expect them to continue to serve me well.

Hadassah from Ohio
High School Senior
Home School