Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Jalon Dukes
Mometrix Scholarship
Mometrix Scholarship
Some students are blessed with a gift of remembering a concept as soon as they learn it. This would grant them freedom of having to study for tests and quizzes. However, I must study for tests and quizzes or else I will not be able to fully grasp the concept. As a senior in high school, studying has granted me access to a 4.2 GPA. I use a variety of materials to prepare myself for exams.

To begin any study session, I like to go into a quiet room and isolate myself from the rest of my family. I only bring my study materials and my cellphone, then I proceed to organize my notes. To concentrate, I put my phone on Do Not Disturb and play meditation music to drown out any background noise in the house. My first line of attack is making a custom study guide with Quizlet. I find their flashcards, tests, learning, matching, and writing extremely useful. I like to utilize all 5 tools until I learn the material completely.

In addition to Quizlet, I like to use Kahoot. Kahoot allows me to test how quickly I can answer a question. If I go over the time limit before answering the question correctly then I know I need to review it over again. I believe that this is a good way to test how fast you can complete your test with correct answers.

YouTube videos are one of the best options as well. Although the problems on YouTube do not exactly match the ones you are working on to t, the videos can teach you the steps on how to complete them. I continuously watch different videos on the same exact topic and write down everything that they do. I also write explanations of my own so that I can ensure that I know why that step occurred.

When I want to take the extra mile, I attend study groups and tutoring sessions with my teacher. I ask to help relearn the material so that I can gain a better understanding of it. I never back down from learning a topic, there is always a way to successfully grasp it. If my teacher is not capable of teaching it to me the way that I can learn it, then I reach out to an outside source. Sometimes hearing the same thing, but from a different perspective allows you to understand the concept better.

Everyone has different studying tactics, but we are all aiming for passing grades. Some things may work for others and some things may not. It is all about what you can develop that allows you to succeed in your studies. I have managed to use this routine for a total of four years, it may seem generic, but it shows a lot of improvement each time I utilize it. I believe it works so well for me because I use different platforms. I also focus on certain parts of the lesson until I have it learned completely. I hope that my routine can help someone achieve the grades they are hoping for, I want the best for everyone!

Jalon from Georgia
High School Senior
South Cobb High School