Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

When I prepare to take a test I make flashcards. Flashcards help me to memories facts, formulas, and how to solve problems. Depending on what subject you are studying, shuffling your flashcards regularly can help make certain that you know the flashcards. I like to shuffle my flashcards when studying for math tests and quizzes. However, when I study for history, I don’t like to shuffle my flashcards. This is because I usually write the cards in order of how the information is laid out in the book. This helps me remember what facts are related to each other and how they happened chronologically in history. If I do shuffle my flashcards when studying history, it’s usually right before I take my test and I only study them shuffled once. This ensures that I know the information and don’t get the historical timeline confused. My math teacher told me about a method of studying where you study your flashcards one day and whatever cards you get wrong you separate them from the rest of the flashcards that you know. The next day you only study the cards you got wrong and continue the processes until you know all of the cards. You still study the cards you know, but only occasionally. This helps you remember the cards that you already learned. I’ve found this helpful when studying my math flashcards. Another effective way I study is by making up hand motions. I took a Sign language class a few years ago thus I use some of the signs I learned to make up motions to help me remember facts. I usually spell out works that are hard to make motions for and then make up motions for easier words. For example, the motion I use for the word “west” is I make a W with my fingers and move my hand in the direction west to symbolize the word “west”. Making up a song for facts you need to learn is another way I study. It’s easier to remember things when I put them to music. I remember the tunes so if I forget the fact I just think of the tune and it helps me remember what the flashcard said.

Kristen from Florida
High School Senior
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