Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

When I prepare for tests, I first start by gathering all of my class notes. Once I have amassed all of the information I need to study, I break the knowledge into smaller groups so that there are less-intimidating amounts to study at a time. Then, I go through my groups rewriting notes with colors and added personal knowledge that I learned in class. By using color, it helps me exaggerate significance of certain point and draw attention to specific ideas. I also take any words that I am not familiar with and write them on notecards with they definition and/or an example. I usually make a little schedule so that I am not cramming all of my little groups in one night before I study because that would be too strenuous. The point of studying like this is to basically relearn everything, and by re-writing I can walk through the lesson again with more familiarity which helps me understand the more complex concepts. I am a very visual learner, so using the colors and rewriting to see all of the information again is very beneficial in my test preparation practices.

Mary from Georgia
High School Senior
Lowndes HIgh School