Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

I have never been a student that can sit down and analyze their notes for hours at a time without getting bored. Studying is more fun when you put more energy in! When studying for a big test or exam, I begin by looking over my notes and reading through them aloud, often many times, which always helps me process an idea much easier than simply reading it in my head. I read them and move around whichever room I'm in, ensuring that I won't be restless or bored after 5 minutes, which is something I struggle with. Another great study tool that I use is copying my notes on a new page of paper. I prefer to shorten my notes when transferring them, which allows me to read through them and summarize the content, which helps makes the information stick. However, I don't just use my notes, but I use many different resources, such as short, helpful videos on Youtube or a Quizlet that I made! Depending on the subject, the variety of different sources varies, but it all results in one main idea: that I need to get the information from as many places as possible! Hearing and seeing the information in many different forms allows it to retain for longer than if I only used one specific method or if I only crammed right before the big test! Watching videos, creating study guides, using flashcards on Quizlet, and even reading the information aloud also allows me to grasp the information many times, which is my main goal when preparing for a test. Going over the main points of the material on the morning of the test allows me to stay calm and feel prepared. As long as I have a healthy amount of stress and a good attitude while I am studying, I will feel prepared for any big test.

Madison from Tennessee
High School Senior
Independence High School