Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

In order to prepare for a test, I always take about half an hour to completely clear my mind, usually through a meditation process. Once I have done that, I take a little while to familiarize myself with what the test will be on, for example, on a math test, I will review the equations that will most likely be on the test and then do a few practice problems. After I am done with the familiarization, I focus my attention on everything learned a week prior to the test and that will be the main focus of my study session. This helps me ensure that I will be completely up to date on what the test will most likely be on. In the situations where I am told what the test will be on specifically, I will study on that subject and also any other subjects that are related to it. On the day of the test, I usually take the first few minutes to calm my breathing and then I actually start the test. By doing this, I reaffirm myself that I am prepared to take the test and I will pass it. I feel like my method of test preparation has really helped me succeed in my classes and also I believe that it can also be applied to college and later life.

Kyle from Arizona
High School Senior
Douglas High School