Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

In order to become a successful test taker, it requires tremendous amounts of preparing time studying and preparing. However, many students in school do not have the same amount of time to study as others. For example, throughout high school I was a member of a sports team and worked a part-time job, which took up many hours of my day after school. Although this is no excuse for not performing well on a test, or not understanding the material, it dramatically affects how a student can successfully study. During my freshman and sophomore years of high school, I never created study materials, I would just review notes and worksheets. After many disappointing grades, I realized that I needed to improve my study habits, so I began to create study guides and online quizzes using Quizlet, to review and relearn the material. If these materials were not accessible, I would then create flashcards with terms and definitions and have either a family member or friend quiz me multiple times so I could remember the material through repetition. In order to effectively gain the material, you cannot procrastinate because you will overload your brain with material and end up forgetting over half of the information. I normally create the Quizlet at least three days in advance, while adding information as we learn. Every night, I try my hardest to go through at least one round of the ‘learn’ section on Quizlet, even though it can become boring and repetitive. These study habits have dramatically changed my perspective of how to properly prepare for a test and how effective studying can increase your confidence going into a test, as well as, your grades.

Cierra from Tennessee
High School Senior
Collierville High School