Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

For me, test preparation is a process. First I pull out any notes over things a teacher has specifically told me to prepare for. This could be many things or it could be none, but it's always wise to listen for the hints a teacher or professor may even be indirectly dropping about how to best prepare. Another key is to heavily review homework assignments or specific subjects that a teacher assigned discussion questions over. More often than not, these assignments are focused on this information because it will be on the test. When I've collected all of the necessary information the next step is, to be honest with myself. I sort the information into what I for sure know, what I'm unsure about, and what I'm completely lost over. While I still mildly review the information I'm confident about, I make it a priority to the first study what I am most uncertain about, and work back from there. One of my major strategies for specific studying is finding a location where I can focus. I find I have a difficult time studying at home, so I often travel to my local Starbucks. Going somewhere with the intentionality of studying helps me to be majorly productive. I often listen to instrumental music so that the noises around me can't distract me from my goal. Some people prefer to review information by rereading chapters. I find that I am better served to review flashcards and create practice tests for myself. The final strategy I use is the timeline of my studying. I like to have a major cram day about a week before my test. I then review the information throughout the week and slowly narrow down to a focus point, by setting aside information I've become confident in. Finally, the night before or day of the test I go over everything one more time. Though extensive, it is rare for these steps to fail me.

Madison from Texas
College Sophomore
Baylor University