Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

My best test preparation practice involves rewriting my notes, making sure it is color-coordinated, and rehearsing what I've learned aloud. Rewriting my notes help because, for one, I am simultaneously reviewing what I am trying to prepare for and giving myself the chance to work on anything I don't understand amidst writing. This happens a lot when I am rewriting notes I wrote at the beginning of a unit and I need a refresh on that topic. Essentially, rewriting my notes helps highlight what I do and do not know. Making my notes color-coordinated helps with memory, where oftentimes if on test day I am stumped on a question, it is easier for me to remember that in "1492 Christopher Columbus swam the ocean blue" because I remember writing it in my blue pen on the bottom right side of my notes. Color coordinating my notes helps my brain take a clearer mental picture of my notes which acts as reinforcement and helps me process the content easier. Lastly, I end my test prep night by talking out the whole unit or talking out everything I plan on being tested on. For example, if my test is going to be on US history from the 1800s-1900s, I will give myself, my mom, or sometimes my wall, a rundown on everything important that happened in that time frame. If I am able to regurgitate all that I've learned successfully, I know that I've done an efficient job studying. If I blank out somewhere between 1850-1870, I know that is an area that I need to go back and study.

All in all, rewriting my notes, color-coordinated, and talking out whatever I am studying for is how I prepare for my tests and they work for me by ensuring that what I am studying for is instilled in my brain and that I understand every aspect of it.

Rahel from Georgia
High School Senior
North Cobb High School