Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

I am not at all, by any means, a good test taker. This makes me have to study more than others may have to. To begin, when I study for a test I first look over all of the content that the test is going over. After that, I begin putting all of the content into questions that I will be able to answer with appropriate answers. Once I prepare the content into question format, I create a quizlet. Quizlets have helped me over the years to memorize and practice all of the material I need to study before any exam. I punch in all of my questions and answers into a quizlet and I then study right from there. It is great because I can study anytime and anywhere on my computer or and device at all. With that being said, I use the online flashcards to start off with, so I can get a hand on memorizing the content. Then, when I get more comfortable, I use the practice tabs quizlet offers to really test myself before the real test. I found this preparation strategy to work best for me. Since I have begun to use a quizlet before my exams, my grades have increasingly risen from failing grades before, to above passing once I began this strategy. My test preparation is very simple and easy for all to use.

Ziva from Texas
College Freshman
Tarleton State University