Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

My test preparation starts the week before the test. I look at the review and write it down. I go through my notes I have taken, and I highlight the key words that are used in the review. I make sure that the words match up with the review. After I highlight the key words, I write the review down in my notebook and answer all the questions. I then take a break for the rest of the first day. The next day, I answer all the question in the review by looking up them in the book and looking at my notes. I look over my notes one more time, and afterwards, I type my review. Typing helps me remember the material. After I type all the review, I write them down on note cards. I write down the material as another way to memorize the material. The next day, I ask a friend of mine to help me quiz on the cards to make sure I know the material. Throughout the week up until the test, I study 30 minutes to an hour everyday to learn the material I am being presented with. On the test day, I wake up 30 minutes early to review the material. After that, I get ready for the day. Right before I take the test, I say a prayer to God and ask him to help me on the test. After I take the test, I relax for about 30 minutes and clear my mind of all the studying and dedication. I have worked with this method all through high school and score pretty high on all my test. I know when I get to college, I will apply these good study habits and pass all my classes. I have faith in myself.

Mahala from Texas
High School Senior
Boyd High School