Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Reviewing practice tests help me the most for test prep. Practice tests are not only a great way to get used to the time conditions but they are an excellent way to build the stamina to take a test in full length. This personally helped me for my ACT prep. Rather than just doing one section of a test, I found full tests really helpful to prepare me for test day. Also, because every practice test is different, this is a great way to make sure you are working on different concepts and skills. However, just doing 10+ practice tests isn't enough. Reviewing the tests is vital. If you don't review, you are likely to make the same mistake on the next test. This is why I recommend having a journal for every test you take. In your journal, you should write down what problem you missed, what the concept was, why you missed that problem, what the solution is, and what you will study to not miss that similar problem. For my ACT, if I missed a problem about triangles, I would write down that I missed a triangles problem, the concept was geometry, I missed the problem because I used pythagorean theorem instead of side angle side theorem, what the solution was, and I finally wrote that I would watch Khan Academy videos related to triangle congruence theorems. Along with this advice, I recommend using a quizlet for memorization whether it's remembering math formulas, definitions, and perhaps grammar rules. I used a quizlet for math formulas and general science terms on the ACT. Practice makes perfect and these tips worked for me as I wanted an effective test prep that I didn't need to spend money for and could put in the effort to get a result I was proud of. It is not how many tests or how many hours of prep you do, it is how effective that prep is and what you are doing to understand your mistake on each test.

Rebecca from Georgia
High School Senior
Brookstone School