Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

The method I use to study and prepare for tests follows three steps. First, I create a word document with the general information related to the area that will be tested over. This document typically consists of lecture notes, a few things from the textbook, and sometimes outside research if I really don't understand the topic. Next, after I have the information, I use it to create a review guide. Usually when I'm making my personalized review guide, I check first if one is already posted by my teacher. If there is one, I make sure to incorporate it into my review guide. If a review guide is not available, however, I rely on my notes to create one. I focus mainly on the parts that I have the most difficulty with, but I make it a point to also include the things I consider to be easy. This way no information is overlooked or forgotten when I take the test. Creating a review guide is a really good way to cut down notes so they aren't as overwhelming when I study and put more emphasis on areas that I need more work on. Finally, the last thing I do to study is convert the review guide into flashcards. This way I have a fast and convenient way to review the information during the last few days before the test. This system works for me because I run through the information all the way through a total of three times before looking at my flashcards. This is helpful because I tend to overlook things and with this method, everything gets covered and understood. By doing this, it is also a lot easier to re-study the information for midterms and finals because I can refer back to the review I made and then study the flashcards rather than reading pages and pages of notes.

Leia from Texas
High School Senior
Texas Academy of Biomedical Sciences