Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

I was never great at taking tests in school. The problem growing up I would ace all my assignments but fail my tests. This happened all the way up until I was blessed with an amazing 7th grade teacher who realized I was an oral learner. She took me outside of the class room and gave me the same test I just failed, did the test over and did it in an oral way, and I passed the test with 96%. That was when my test preparation strategies changed. To prepare for a test, i like to either record my lectures or listen to other lectures I can fin on the internet. I will use mostly YouTube to find my lectures on certain topics. I also will repeat information from the lectures to myself out loud over and over, this helps me process all of the information. It is also important for these to work, that you do not do it the night before, start a couple days sooner that way you have no stress. Auditory learners are good listeners and often very social, like myself, which is a problem sometimes due to the fact that we can get distracted in class with all the other things going on. So it is important that you study in a quite environment and one where it is not easy to get distracted. I hope this helps for all types of learners, because not being able to take tests very well has a huge impact, and I know that from experience.

Kenneth from Colorado
College Junior
Adams State University