Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Studying for me has always been trying to find a fun interactive way to stay invested in the topic. Quizlet has been one of my favorite sources for this. I really enjoy the study games that it offers for whatever subject you are studying for. I am an extremely competitive person, and I really enjoy competing against myself. Doesn't matter if its sports, video games, studying, or work, I always want to compete. That's why study games allow me to study to my highest potential. Being able to figure out what I'm not learning well immediately, instead of on test day is the best part. Another way that I can keep myself productive is music. Music helps me get into the zone, as I am currently listening to music while writing this essay, it allows me to focus on the topic at hand, minimize outside distractions, and maximize productivity. With music, I also enjoy making random catchy songs about the topic, that I can utilize during the exam, to keep the things I learned in my head easier.
Thank you for the opportunity with this scholarship, I am looking forward to the results!
Michael Stupka
cdh 20' | Arizona 24'

Michael from Minnesota
High School Senior
Cretind-Derham Hall