Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Having just completed my first year of college and an emergency medical technician class, it’s time to bust out the strict study time. Everyone preparing to take their national registry exam to become an EMT must pour their heart and soul into studying for the exam, which can be hard when students like me also have thirteen other credits to study for and part-time jobs. This is when being a master of your own type of learning comes in handy.
I had taken tests in the past throughout high school to identify which type of learner I am. I’ve always gotten hands on learning as my preferred way of learning, but there isn’t always an open skills lab to practice in. This is when I personally turn to Youtube. Yes, Youtube can be a very odd place and trusting the internet can be scary. But personally, I always look at the youtubers page Katbefore I begin watching a video. For example, to study for a recent EMT exam I searched for different types of shock. I clicked on one and looked at the youtubers page to see certifications and subscribers. Then I looked at the comments on the video. I didn’t see users saying, “I am an paramedic and this is untrue!” so I continued on. This is helpful for me, because it offers lectures whenever I need one. I’ve also found it's great when you want to get your head out of a textbook and mix things up.
The second way I prep for tests is mostly centered around taking the NREMT exam. This is only helpful for big tests like the SAT or NREMT. I go into the app store and find a daily quiz app for my test and download it. At this point I have four of them taking up my phone storage. Everyday they supply you with different released questions from these standardized tests. I can do the questions whenever I find myself swiping bored on my phone. These are beneficial to me, because if I get all of the questions correct then I feel accomplished and well studied, but if I get a random unknown question I can then look it up and be prepared for next time.

Katelynn from Michigan
College Sophomore
Lake Superior State Univeristy