Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Studying shouldn’t be dreadful and boring. It should be entertaining and convenient. Over the course of time, I figured out that I am able to study with music and storytelling. I realized this when I was listening to “Party in the U.S.A” by Miley Cyrus on the radio. I had not heard that song in over 2 years but I knew every word to it. I asked myself, “Why can't I remember things and study, the way I learn the lyrics to songs?”

From then, I tried putting the two concepts together. I have made acronyms and little tunes for my anatomy class. I have come up with stories to explain the steps of fermentation. What I love about this is the amount of creativity you can put into it. One of my best memories in my anatomy class was when I was studying with my friends for our upcoming tests. We had to identify organs and bones and describe their function. Everyone was stressing about it so I looked at my notes and began my process. I was timid about the way I studied at first, but soon enough my partner next to me heard me humming and asked me about it. I told him I make songs and before I knew it, everyone was jumping in to create the next line. I felt so proud that a cheesy little song helped all of us pass that test. And the best thing is that with songs, we aren't just memorizing pieces of information, but we are also learning about it throughout the process of creating these catchy songs and fun stories. I am a full time student pursuing an education degree and I know that this method has influenced my approach towards teaching. I am just a freshman in college but I know that music has the potential to help all of us. I mean, after all, who can resist a catchy tune?

Keyri from Georgia
College Sophomore
Kennesaw State University