Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

There's something about studying surrounded by a community that is special. I did not realize this during the majority of my high school years, instead choosing to hole myself up in my room surrounded my books. However, it was through studying for my ACT exam that I finally discovered the value in preparation with my peers.
It is easy to feel alone while studying for an exam as if it is simply you against the world. It is foolish to forget the dozens of friends and acquaintances in your life going through precisely the same process. It was through beginning to prepare for my ACT with a close group of friends that I realized I was not alone in my struggles for greatness. My friends also had huge dreams and goals that they hoped to achieve partially through their scores on the exam.
From this moment on, I made it my goal to study in a community not only for my own benefit but for that of others. Quizlets I would have previously kept private, considering I was focused on the benefit for myself, I found myself sending out to friends. I began hosting friends over to quiz each other on questions. I discovered that I learned more by sharing my knowledge with others and then benefitting from their own strengths.
I believe that all test preparation should step from taking advantage of the relationships in your life. You hang out and discuss all sorts of topics, why not make an exam one of those? The accomplishment felt after finishing will be even more satisfying when you share it with your squad. As a whole, these practices have lasted me through my first years of college and have even contributed to my career goals. My love for sharing knowledge has now led me to seek to become a professor, in which I hope I can share my practices for making exams less stressful and more rewarding!

Emma from California
College Sophomore
Chapman University