Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

My absolute favorite test preparation tool is flashcards. I know its cliche, but flashcards are easily the best tool to help retain information and succeed on an exam. Its easy to see why as well- flashcards add a competitive element to studying. This is amplified further when working with peers. There is something enticing about working with flashcards that regular studying out of a book just can't compare to. They are simple- a note card with information on one side and the related term on the other. They also make it extremely easy to customize your studying as you can add and remove flashcards from your study set at will. If you make your own flashcards then you benefit even more as you must write down the information on the card. Studies show that humans retain information better when we write it down. Flashcards are also a universal tool for students across the world. Studying a different language? Chances are a student in a country that speaks that language already made a flashcard set online you can use. In fact, you can find a flashcard set on almost any subject using online resources such as Quizlet. Essentially, flashcards provide simplicity and customization that no other study method can compare too while also providing a competitive element making flashcards hands down the best test preparation technique there is.

Matthew from Arizona
High School Senior
Barry Goldwater High School