Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

I am preparing for the entrance exam into nursing school and have purchased the Mometrix TEAS book and I absolutely love it! I have seen an increase in my grade as of right now of 20 points higher than my original grade in just a month worth of studying. I have not only used the book but I have been able to watch the TEAS prep videos on youtube made by Mometrix that have also been a huge help in understanding difficult content. I plan my days to follow two struggling subjects a days that allows me to focus specifically on those two subjects in different sections. I read and highlight the importance of that section and after watch the videos on youtube that help clarify any questions I had in that section. I take notes during the video that I find useful to look at whenever I would like a refresher. After the sections I allow myself to take a small quiz to test my knowledge on that section. Once I go through all the sections I need I will take one of the full length exams in the back of the Mometrix book to test my knowledge once more and see where my struggling areas are at once again. I plan to continue this process until I fully understand the content in each section. With reading, listening and watching the content needed I am able to hit my spatial, linguistic and kinesthetic learning styles. I have three more months to study until my exam and I feel confident that I will be fully prepared with the system I have created for myself. It is not easy with also taking care of what is needed for my college classes but as my semester is coming to an end I feel I will fully be able to prepare myself for the exam with this schedule I have created for self. Hopefully I will be apply to the University of The Incarnate Word Nursing program and the UT Heath Science Nursing Program this August!

Angelina from Texas
College Freshman
University of the Incarnate Word