Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

For any test, I use applications such as Quizlet or Brainscape. I use these applications to make flashcards based on vocabulary words from that particular unit and also questions that are relevant to the unit. I also make concept web. A concept web is when you start off with one vocabulary word and then you relate that vocabulary word to another vocabulary word in that unit. At the end, you see how all the words in that unit relate to one another. Another thing I like to do is look up YouTube videos relating to the unit. This is particularly helpful for science, math, and history courses as YouTube has many videos pertaining to these core subjects. The last thing that I like to do is practice tests. Practice tests help me get an idea of what will be on the test and the type of questions. Practice tests also allow me to see what I need to study more.

Dakota from District of Columbia
High School Senior
Washington Latin PCS