Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Typically, my study sessions don’t take a lot of time or effort; mostly, I just skim my notes a few days before the test, and I’m good. However, when it comes to the SAT, that’s another thing entirely. I like to use official SAT prep material on the College Board website, along with the Khan Academy lessons provided with it. They’re designed to learn from my previous attempts and specifically tackle my weak points, something that I value as a person who has trouble organizing their thoughts. It’s incredibly useful to have that already planned out for me. Additionally, I take examples from other students in my school and online. For example, my school’s valedictorian has an entire study plan for important tests and exams that she gets started on weeks before the actual test. I asked her to share it with me and I adapted it into a format that more suits my visual learning style.

Miguel from Texas
High School Senior
Lopez High School