Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

The best study tactic I have had was in my dual enrollment psychology class. With this course I made a 6 page study guide for every exam. I then completed learning activities and quizzes on each chapter pulled from my textbook. These questions were made specifically for my course and textbook so I knew these would help directly with my test. Then, the day before and of the exam I would listen to lectures and videos that focused on the specific topics that I was struggling on. By hearing other professors and students examples and descriptions I was able to understand the topic from another mindset or view. This helped me a lot for preparing for the exams.
Another time that I liked my study tactics was for my Sports Medicine. In this class I was able to study with more hands on. Also, this course was highly related to what I plan to go to college for so when I was in the class I enjoyed what I was studying. I also worked as my high schools Athletic trainer so it helped me a lot by working in the field one on one. In this course I made a lot of personal study guides, online research, vocabulary testing, and hands on learning to study before the state exam. I have learned that going more in depth in my studies help me learn the material rather than memorize it and this helps prepare me most for my tests.

Paige from Georgia
High School Senior
Stephens County High School